At Sport Horse Canada, we specialize in selecting and training draft cross Sport Horses. We offer the widest selection of sport horse prospects, at the most reasonable prices, available. We breed, raise, personally select and professionally train our horses and we also offer halter broke horses as well. Our horses are safe, sane, and sound and most of all, a lot of fun to be around.


We have Sport Horses suitable for every discipline, from Dressage, Hunter/Jumpers, Combined Driving, Western Pleasure as well as Pairs Driving and Pleasure.  That is our goal with the horses that we breed and raise - Sport horses whose temperament, conformation, athletic ability and movement that can excel from in the show ring, to dressage to simply being exceptional pleasure horses. We specialize in Spanish Normans and Draft Crosses, with the resulting colors and sizes to suit most tastes of Sport Horse lovers.


We have a very unique breeding program, specializing in draft cross sport horses. It's not just breeding light stallions to draft mares that gives you the ultimate sporthorse. One has to be very selective in the "type" of mares bred to compliment the stallions "type" and temperament.   We have been breeding draft cross Sport Horses for over 25 years and are cross breeding select draft mares, such as Percherons, Shires, Belgians, Clydesdales, Spotted Drafts and draft/TB  and draft/WB cross mares to our 17 hh PRE Andalusian stallion, Thoroughbred and Paint stallions to produce outstanding offspring with color, movement and temperaments, which have been sought after all over North America.


Our 25 years experience has allowed us to achieve great success in selling our draft cross sport horses all over North America. We continue to strive to meet clients requirements and go the extra mile for customer service in finding the perfect horse. Our clients mean everything to us as their success is our success. We have met many wonderful people over the years and our horses continue to make dreams come true.

Our Brag page...

We love to hear how well the horses we have sold are doing, so from time to time, we will feature some accomplishments of one of our past horses.  Click here to see the latest horse we are so proud of.

Hanzel was a once in a lifetime horse.  I have put together a Tribute page to honor this special horse here.